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Founder/Executive Director

I married the beautiful Mrs. Maribel Ortega-Daniels on February 2003. So I took her home to meet my family. My cousin took me to the side and said “Justin I want you to break the cycle!” I was like “what cycle?” “The cycle of Daniels men, be a good dad to your kids, be a good husband to your wife!” Wow! That was heavy and I accepted the challenge and began to do just that “Break the cycle". So over the years all these thoughts and items I’ve had about what it takes to be a great dad I wrote them down as notes for what you see today! The year I got my degree I had a capstone which consisted of creating a business plan. At first, I had no idea where to start, but the I Broke The Cycle came to mind. After completing my schooling I didn’t want the dream to stop there so I created a network of dads helping each other out in the areas of finance, education, health, social, and spiritual areas and in turn sharing this knowledge with their kids to ensure the cycle is broken. Enjoy!


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