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I Broke the Cycle will be a leader in helping society change the stigma regarding fathers and their involvement in the lives of their children. In an effort to be number one, we are establishing a “reach one teach one” system. Through careful marketing and strategic partnerships, I Broke the Cycle will create 

and help a community of fathers longing for that person(s) to show them the right direction to take when raising a child. I Broke the Cycle will focus on providing change! The change needed to once again have fathers be viewed as the strong focal point in a child’s life. Be the pillar of strength! 


Core Values

  • Integrity

  • Loyalty

  • Honor

  • Commitment

  • Ownership

  • Social

  • Responsiblity

"Created by a dad, for dads, helping dads!"
- Justin Daniels
I Broke The Cycle

To create a network of fathers who are willing to offer parenting knowledge on I Broke The Cycle's five pillars: financial, educational, social, health and spiritual, in turn strengthening bonds between fathers and their kids.


An organization providing motivation to fathers and their children through coaching, teaching, and mentoring fathers to perform at their best for the wellbeing of the children. Constructing a network created by a father for fathers to share thoughts and ideas.  


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